BPP 248: Why Beginners Take The Best Photos


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This week I talk about how having a beginner’s mindset will set you up best for success and continued growth in your photography journey. I break down 4 tips that will help you stay as much of a beginner as long as possible.

Tip 1: Do the Opposite

Go against what you’ve been told to try something new. Use a wide angle lens and get close to your subject or use a telephoto lens and get really far away so your subject is small in the frame.

Tip 2: Do what others won’t, to take photos like others can’t.

Last year I interviewed Shane Balkowitch photographers using an almost 200-year-old method to capture images. He doesn’t do it because it’s easy and because so few shoot wet plates he has quickly made quite a name for himself.

Tip 3: Change Your Rythm

When you start to feel bored of your photos like you’re taking the same photo over and over again producing the same images, change up your style and allow yourself complete creative freedom in your editing. I use many of the 52 Free Lightroom Presets we offer to go crazy on an image just to see different possibilities.

Tip 4: Share your Photos

Being open and sharing your image may feel scary but it’s the best way to learn and grow from others who have come before you to get valuable feedback.


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