BPP 250: Gina and Angie - Revealing the Narrative


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Angie Rose and Gina Brocker are Boston Massachusetts-based Wedding Photographers with an eye for the moment. Having shot hundreds of weddings they know first hand what it takes to capture beautiful moments and how to create a space for moments to happen in front of the camera. In today’s interview they share just how they are able to reveal the narrative of a wedding day.

In This Episode You'll Learn:
  • How Gina and Angie first got started in photography and what struggles they faced in the beginning

  • Why Gina didn’t even consider shooting weddings for the first few years into her photography journey

  • What has changed the most about their photography since they got started

  • The importance of storytelling in your images

  • Why Story trumps perfection

  • How to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time so you don’t miss the moment.

Premium Members Also Learn:
  • What Angie and Gina are doing today to market their businesses

  • A great SEO strategy when it comes to blogging which will not only save you hours putting together but rank you higher in google.

  • The Importance of a mission statement for your business and how to build one for yourself


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