BPP 257: Huy Nguyen - Becoming A Fearless Photographer


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Huy Nguyen is a photojournalist turned wedding photographer who spend more than 15 years taking chances at weddings to produce some of the most raw and authentic images of a wedding day. Upset that the wedding industry didn’t have a location for brides to find fearless documentary wedding photographers for their wedding day, he created Fearless Photographers. A place that highlights some of the best talent in honest, emotion-driven, creative documentary wedding photography. Today Huy shares some tips on how you can be a better and more fearless photographer.

In This Episode You'll Learn:
  • The first photo Huy took that stood out to him

  • How Huy got into photojournalism

  • What lessons Huy took from photojournalism into wedding photography

  • The 5 Bad Things Rule

  • The 3 Elements to building an emotion-driven moment

  • What to do when you’re TOO Fearless


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