BPP 263: Michael Sasser - Find your WHY / Book Better Clients


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Michael Sasser is a Boudoir photographer in Los Angeles and educator who today shares how having a WHY in what you shoot can help you capture more powerful photos and capture more qualified clients to grow your business.

In This Episode You'll Learn:
  • How Michael got started in boudoir photography

  • The importance of having a WHY in photography

  • How your WHY can influence the way you shoot

  • Why boudoir photography is more of a service than a product

  • How Michael inspires confidence in his clients

Premium Members Also Learn:
  • Why Michael implemented a wait list and how it has helped him gain control over his time and book more qualified clients

  • The Email sequence Michael sends his to generate excitement for those on the waitlist

  • How you can set up the same system even if you’re just getting started or shooting another genre.


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