Betafied for Gentefied: Delicious Authenticity or Bitter Appropriation?


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Please note: This episode contains remarks and statements that may be controversial and/or upsetting. Namely, the fact that the Bay Area doesn’t serve barbacoa, but rather, barba-CACA! Listener discretion is advised.

This week, The Beta Bros feasted on the new Netflix show Gentefied (Currently #8 on the streaming service’s Top 10 List). The bros discuss the show’s characters, its depiction of Los Angeles, and the wider issue of gentrification. Is Gentefied delicious authenticity or bitter appropriation?

TBR also has a new GO/NO GO as Pixar’s first foray into the mystical world of elves, trolls, and trash eating unicorns in ONWARD, hits theaters this week.

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