Force M4A: Sema Hernandez talks about the economic future of the United States


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Friend of the show and two time Senate candidate from Texas,Sema Hernandez discusses her last two campaigns, 2020 being in a deliberately crowded field. We get into the future of the U.S. criminal, economic and social justice systems and if a fair foreign policy is possible. Confusing accomplishment and virtue, while idolizing our oppressors, is why we treat our public servants like rock stars. Failing to reconcile our sins with our ideals and the tokenization of mouthpieces for the establishment is going to turn us into Brazil in 5 years. She also introduces her new Get Political podcast. Sema Hernandez is an activist, who has run for the U.S. Senate twice in 2018, against Beto O’Rourke in the primary and again in 2020, vying for a shot against John Cornyn. She was the Texas Co-Chair for the Poor People’s campaign working along side the Rev. Wm. J. Barber. Support the show through Get fun stuff or visit the patreon link!

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