It’s Second Party Time! John Schoonover talks about the actual possibility for a real movement


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Friend of the show and seasoned political observer, John Schoonover, PhD., ( joins us to talk about the very real possibility of new parties and ideas. Trump’s out. Now what? Nap time? Clearly, over the duopoly, many people are tired of holding their noses to vote for the “least worst.” No one wins but oligarchs. What’s next? John Schoonover, is a social critic and geopolitical analyst whose essays are published in leading progressive sites, including Socialist Planning Beyond Capitalism, The Greanville Post and others. Schoonover cut his activist teeth in the Civil Rights and Anti-Vietnam War movements. The latter earned him 9 years of exile in Canada evading both the draft and an indictment. Freed of these burdens during the late seventies, he returned to the US and continued as a socialist organizer. His PhD in nuclear physics and his socialist outlook led him to advocate the expanded use of nuclear energy, despite the growing propaganda war against it. After several decades in France pursuing a career in computer security, Schoonover returned to the US, where he is actively organizing for a socialist solution to the current crisis.

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