Why No Cuba, Mommy? A frank discussion on stupid foreign policy and murderous sanctions


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Recently, the U.N. voted, yet again, to end the U.S. Embargo on Cuba. 184 Countries out of over 200 sovereign nations. The Cuban people have been dealing with sanctions and this embargo for decades. Of course, the speed bumps of freedom, the U.S. and Israel voted no, with several members states abstaining, such as Colombia, Brazil and Ukraine. We get into the history of the U.S. relationship and animosity with Cuba. We also bring up some points on who the bitter Cuban refugees ought to be blaming. Get ready to hear some stuff you will not hear in the mainstream press regarding this decision. Support the show through https://thebittertruth.info/merch to get fun stuff or visit https://www.patreon.com/thebittertruth

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