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Welcome to the Bon Appetit podcast, where we serve hot tea, hot topics, hot talk, and a little food for thought. With your host Cornell Jermaine, Janelle Unique, Eddie Connor, and Antoine Frost. We're committed to using our voices and our platform to provoke thought and promote change in our community. Our mission is to help you filter through the complexities of life in hopes of having a good time in the process. Won't you join us? Let's have a little fun and try some good food (both figuratively and literally) together. We invite you to check out our YouTube channel, where you can find video snippets of our episodes, behind the scenes action, and more. Be sure to subscribe and share. Until next time, bon appetit! Enjoy! #thebonappetitpodcast #bonappetit #food4thought #thebapshow #thebapcrew #blackvoicesmatter

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