Episode 15: Pat Malacaro and MLB in Buffalo


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Pat Malacaro the Voice of the Toronto Blue Jays Triple A Affiliate Buffalo Bisons and current PA Announcer for the Blue Jays games at Sahlen Field joined the program today. Pat and I discussed the future some key players for the 2021 Bisons and maybe the Blue Jays.T.J. Zeuch ,Logan Warmoth and Nate Pearson.
We discuss a candidate for the Buffalo Baseball Hall of Fame.
We discussed who Pat is excited to see come up from Double A New Hampshire. Pat gives us the scoop on what the renovations look like inside and outside at Sahlen Field and we get into the discussion of the future of Major league Baseball in Buffalo.
Does Pat think it could be a possibility?
You’ll get some Stanley Cup final predictions as well! You’ll have to listen to find out what they are.
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Follow the Bisons progress at Bisons.com

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