How to embrace inclusion in the K-12 classroom - Melinda Arnost


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Melinda Arnost is a witty K-12 Intervention Specialist that is always thinking outside of the box. This curly-haired educator loves everything about about teaching minus the paperwork and standardize tests. Melinda has her Masters in Education, is a Registered Behavior Therapist (RBT), a personal trainer for students with unique abilities and an Autism Guru. She has a passion for building relationships with her students and colleagues and can embrace inclusion in any type of setting. Melinda has started an adaptive nonprofit ice skating program for individuals with unique abilities and has run marathons while pushing her pal, Annie, in a HOYT running chair. She believes people, regardless of their lack of ability, should feel included, supported and loved. Melinda lives in the woods with her husband who is an automotive enthusiast in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. When she is not writing or teaching, she is busy running extreme distances, painting murals or trying to build her own secret garden.

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