Integrating Trauma Informed Practices To Effectively Grow Social-Emotional Skills - Ebone Kimber


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Ebone Kimber is a licensed Master's level social worker who has been working in child welfare for over 13 years. She received her Bachelor's degree in Social Work at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and her Masters at The University of Alabama. She spent her early years in the field on the front lines offering case management and basic living skills to children in foster care and their foster families. She also provided similar services, including individual counseling to families working to keep their families together through family preservation services. Ebone has also served as a therapist at a residential facility and worked as Program Director for advocacy and education programs for youth in foster care for over 5 years, planning and implementing events for older youth in foster care to educate and prepare them for life after foster care to ensure they avoided the negative statistics of adulthood. Ebone most recently shifted in her career path and is now a School Social Worker and Habits of Success Coach at an elementary school. She teaches SEL to all grades kindergarten through 3rd and provides individual sessions with students as requested by families, teachers and/or administration and provides support to Guides for classroom challenges. She has been the CEO and founder of Professional Development with Ebone Kimber since 2016, where she operates in her gift of educating helping professionals on how to think outside the box in their practices while keeping in the forefront of their minds the important factor of doing no harm to those they serve. She strives to advocate for vulnerable populations and educate others on how to stand up for and assist others in their community. Ebone has created several training series' including Pitfalls of a Petty Professional, Supportive Adult Series and is working on a curriculum to assist professionals in utilizing trauma informed practices to better support at risk youth in all areas, including schools, hospitals, and counselors on the streets of our communities. Ebone lives in Alabama with her husband, John, an audio producer and their son Nehemiah.

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