The Importance Of Making Peace A Focus Of School Programs - Kate Shively


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Kate grew up in Missouri and attended William Jewell College, where I earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology. She went on to earn her Master's degree in School Counseling at University of Tennessee - Knoxville. Kate currently resides in Oregon, where her partner, their dog Atlas, and Kate spend as much time as possible hiking and walking our neighborhood. She has worked at all levels of education, including post-secondary education. Kate is currently the School Counselor at Baker Prairie Middle School in Canby, Oregon. As an educator, she is passionate about self-reflection, honesty, and progress - whether that's in practice, policy, or personal growth.

During her time at Baker Prairie, Kate has been able to bring in a new SEL curriculum (CharacterStrong) through grant funding, begin an annual Peace Month which has grown to include a Peace Summit, collaborate with teachers to have the entire school write a book together, and many other smaller program activities that were only possible because of an amazing team of teachers, administrators, office staff, and facilities staff. This year, Kate was named Peace Educator of the Year by the Wholistic Peace Institute.

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