Business As Usual - September 2021: Austin Ato


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In 2008 I started a series of radio shows with fellow Freak and host, Jonny Rock. The original format was based around vinyl. Digital started to creep in, then CD's, then YouTube rips, and so on. But the idea remained the same, that we were sharing our discoveries with an audience.
Fast forwarding a couple of years and expanding on the original concept, I will once again be playing dance music that you may or may not have heard, but this time said music will be readily available, if pointed in the right direction of course. The idea is for you to use me as your selector slash shop assistant in a virtual record store. Not only will I be shouting about both old and new music, but I will also be following it up with a series of compilations to be released on my label, Classic throughout the year. I will be your slightly odd, slightly off-centre, guide. But ultimately and most importantly, your friendly on-line record shop assistant.
1. Dj Nori - Drum & Blues -Facemask _ Bubbletease
2. Ruf Dug - Make This Right - Wolf Music
3. Mystic Bill - Body Moves (Reprise Mix) - Classic
4. DJ CEEZ, Tiff Beatty - Love My Drum (Late Nite Swing Vocal)
5. Kongas 'Kongas Fun' (Dam Swindle Edit) [Salsoul]
6. Disclosure - In My Arms [Disclosure]
7. David Morales, Mr. V - Everyday of My Life (Vocal Mix) - Dariddim
8. Jeff Dougler, Balu - Coming Down (JDB Mix) -
9. Austin Ato - Cherry Soda 16 Bit MASTER
10. Gerd - Let there be Music
11. Floorplan - Get My Mansion Ready (Dub) - Classic
12. Bohemien, Raf Parola - Maven
13. Delano Smith & Brian Kage - Keep 'em Movin
14 Kameelah Waheed - America The Beautiful

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