EP 224: Melissa Tucker - Millennial Comedian


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Today we talk to actor and comedian Melissa Tucker! Melissa Tucker has played a few different female millennial characters as they enter the "real" world. These hilarious character skits are satire comedy gold as they follow stereotypical, if not exaggerated versions, of your average millennial as she goes on job interviews, campaigns for president, becomes a political advisor in Washington, and more!
Melissa's first adventure, the millennial job interview was so funny it went viral, watched by thousands and was featured in an exclusive interview on The Celebrity Cafe. Written by Ralph Odierna, this hilarious depiction of millennials is satire at its comedic best!
Melissa and James also collaborated on “Game Of Tinder” a Game of Thrones Parody sketch.
Now follow Melissa in her new mini series "Marissa Goes to Washington" with comedy skits and features about a millennial's experiences in the Nation's capital!
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