#81 Lords of Guitar with Partscaster Concierge


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Kasper and Al sit down with their buddy Gary from Partscaster Concierge to discuss guitars from the ground up. Building custom spec’d high end guitar bodies is Gary’s bread and butter, but he takes things so much further. Gary’s unique spin on the body market is his concierge approach where he can help a person source parts, make design choices and guide builders of all skill levels with the process of creating their own dream guitars themselves. He offers bodies of shapes and styles you can’t find anywhere else making him a must see stop for anyone considering building a guitar. Things get goofy, weird, lots of laughing and guitar worshiping so don’t miss out on a stellar episode! https://instagram.com/partscasterconcierge?utm_medium=copy_link https://www.partscasterconcierge.com/

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