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For this episode, you’ll want to find the nearest fireplace, grab a beer, and get cozy. We have two interviews that both focus around beer history and the stories you may have never heard.

First, Mike talks with Brian Alberts, a Seattle-based beer historian and writer. Brian tells us about some unique moments in beer’s history, including the rare reasons why Oktoberfest has been cancelled, aside from COVID-19. He also shares about the tournament bracket he made for Oktoberfest beers, and the surprising beer that came close to winning.

Then, Mike talks with Theresa McCulla, the curator at the American Brewing History Initiative at the National Museum of American History. Theresa shares how the Initiative uses beer as a lens to view American history, and how the upcoming event Beer Histories, Now will explore the stories of beer that aren’t widely told. Theresa tells us which filmmakers, journalists, brewers, and beer historians will be involved in the event, and gives us a sneak peak of how these people are creating new paths in beer’s future by looking at the past. Details and tickets for Beer Histories, Now can be found here.

In other news, Jake and Brandy recap the Snallygaster weekend and give us the rundown of upcoming DC beer events, including DC Beer Brewer’s Jam.

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