You Can’t Have Beer Without Soul


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This week, we dive into some of the most creative and passionate beers you’ll find in DC一Soul Mega. Mike sits down with Elliott Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Soul Mega. Soul Mega operates as a contract brewery. Elliott explains the challenges they’ve faced operating as a contract brewer during the COVID-19 pandemic, reveals if they’ll eventually open a brick and mortar facility, and lets us know where DC beer drinkers can find Soul Mega beers. Elliott and Mike also discuss what beer trends have been taking off in DC and the thrill of hoppy black lagers.

Then, Jake, Brandy, and Mike debate if December holiday beers should be promoted in early November, and give us a rundown on all the DC beer events coming up. It’s also DMV Black restaurant week, and Mike lets us know which amazing breweries, distilleries, and wineries are participating!

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