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Hey Friends! The Dice Bar Gaming Podcast is an actual play, tabletop roleplaying game that uses the Pathfinder 1E ruleset. The epic story follows the brave players through a unique dark fantasy world. The Heroes trials and tribulations will have them brought face to face with demons, devils, angry spirits, the occult, and more. The story takes place in the dark fantasy world of Mel’Herron. Our heroes are brought together by mysterious circumstances leaving them with more questions than answers. An ever-present dark force seems to be lurking in the shadows seeking the party for reasons they must figure out or be swept up by the coming storm. Join Marty (DM), Bobby, Wes, Marcus, Morris and Derek for a nerdy adventure filled with beer drinking and dirty jokes! We try our best to play the game in a format that would be enjoyable to listen to. The episodes are edited and our sound quality improves as we get better at the Podcast thing. Please check us out on the many assorted social media platforms and follow us wherever you can. We appreciate your support.

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