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This week, the Ecwid E-commerce Show hosts Jesse and Richie are joined by Mark Daoust, founder of Quiet Light. Quiet Light is a brokerage for buying and selling websites and e-commerce businesses. Mark gives listeners some inside advice on how to make your domain a valuable web property, and how to eventually sell a successfully developed domain or business.

The discussion touches upon:

  • The value of buying an existing domain rather than starting a business from scratch
  • Structuring a company for eventual sale
  • Making your domain a valuable web property
  • The value of landing pages to capture niche markets and drive them back to your site
  • The benefit of finding successful domains related to your business, which you should consider buying
  • Activities to help with building a successful ongoing business, while creating a sellable asset
  • The brand as a big piece of the value of your business
  • Moving beyond just reselling someone else's brand.
  • Four pillars of value: risk, growth, transferability, documentation.

Want more insights from Mark? Lucky you! He also has a podcast and a special business course.

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