How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences


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In this episode of the Ecwid Ecommerce Show, hosts Jesse and Rich are joined by Chris Lavoie, the Technology Partner Manager at

The episode touches on the following:

  • What helpdesk software is and how it differs from AI-chatbots.
  • Omnichannel in customer service, and answering customer questions where they are.
  • Using social media not only for marketing but for customer support as well.
  • Effectively spotting and answering negative replies on social media.
  • The most important metrics for customer support, including first response and resolution time.
  • How to empower customers to serve themselves on a website and escalate to a live agent when necessary.
  • Using machine learning to detect negative comments in customer requests to prioritize them in a support agent’s queue.
  • Considering a customer’s history of requests to improve phone support. Customer service agents can get all the information they need about a customer right when they call.
  • How presales can be an opportunity for customer support.

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