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In this episode of The Ecwid Ecommerce Show, our hosts Jesse and Rich talk through everything you need to know about Ecwid's new Subscriptions Model.

They explain how subscription clients can make you happy and successful. Here are some key takeaways:

The value of your company is increased by having predictable, reliable, subscribers.

The regularity of subscribers allows for improved forecasting and planning, and simplifies logistics.

Recurring customers require less marketing and are less expensive to work with than prospects.

Overall, subscribers make your business more profitable, and can reduce stressors and headaches.

Jesse and Rich also give their best advice on making a product a better value for recurring subscribers. Here are some ideas:

Offer a subscriber discount

A “Buy One, Get One” deal

Offer a special gift

Bundle in an additional product

Bundle in a donation to a cause your brand supports

Have season-specific subscription offerings

Offer first access to new products

Offer subscriber-exclusive products

Offer free branded items

Be creative in what you can offer.

To learn more about the subscription business model, check out our blog post and how-to videos.

Questions? Ideas for selling subscriptions? Share them with us!

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