04 - How to Hire and Retain Great Teachers with Peter Lackner


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How to Hire and Retain Great Teachers with Peter Lackner
In today's episode we talk to Peter Lackner of JobsinJapan about how to hire and retain Great teachers. We also discuss his journey as an entrepreneur, starting a company in Japan and how the English teaching market has changed in Japan, and the opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Peter Lackner is the Managing Partner at JobsinJapan.com and has had management-level positions at major job boards in Japan including: CareerCross.com, GaijinPot, CareerEngine (formerly eCentral) and currently the managing partner at JobsinJapan.com.

Running a job board gives Peter the opportunity to speak with employers and job seekers every day and find out why some are successful and others are not. This is why JobsinJapan exists - to help job seekers find the jobs they want and employers to find the candidates they need.

You can often find Peter speaking to groups on how to get a new or better job, and to employers on how to avoid making a bad hire. Finding the right fit for the right position is a win-win situation for both job seekers and employers.

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