09 - Successfully Taking a TEFL Training and Recruitment Company Online with Rosie Mansfield


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In today's episode, I talk to Rosie Mansfield from Premier TEFL about her entrepreneurial journey and how she took her TEFL training and recruitment company online in the Covid era, and how she manages her work with a busy home life and two daughters.
Rosie Mansfield has spent 15 years in the TEFL training industry. She began her career with i-to-i who were responsible for creating the world’s first online TEFL training course and got her first taste of a truly innovative company. Following that she was Director of Operations for TEFL Express. Over time she developed her own entrepreneurial and innovative skills to form Premier TEFL with Ian O’Sullivan, which has been running for 5 years now.
Rosie's book recommendations:
Scaling up by Verne Harnish
Decoded: The science of Why We Buy by Phil Bardon
Simple Numbers Straight by Greg Crabtree

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