11 - Rob Howard from Online Language Center on Becoming an Online Teaching Entrepreneur


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Today's guest is Rob Howard. Rob chats about his background growing up in a family business and how this prepared him for a life in entrepreneurship. Rob also gives some valuable tips on marketing, teaching online, and where he sees opportunities in the world of ELT
Rob Howard, after a business career in the US, is online as an active EFL Teacher and Neurolanguage Coach and training teachers to build their own freelance businesses. Rob is the owner of Online Language Center, managing partner at Business Language Training Institute and founder of EFLtalks - teachers teaching teachers. Having run successful businesses in the US and Brazil, he sheds a different light on the business of Business English. He has taught in companies such as Petrobras, Vale, Odebrecht, PWC, KPMG, CVM, over 50 of the largest and most prestigious law firms and financial institutions in Rio de Janeiro, as well as to university professors at UFRJ, UERJ and FGV. He is a speaker worldwide on Business English, English for Specific Purposes, Teacher Development, Teaching Online, Online Business and Retention, Technology and the proper use of images in presentations. He is joint coordinator of the IATEFL BESIG, past cocoordinator of the IATEFL BESIG Web and Online Team, Online & Video Coordinator and Video Interviewer for the Visual Arts Circle, founder and former president of the BRAZ-TESOL BESIG as well as co-founder with Dorothy Zemach of the Independent Authors and Publishers. He has authored and coauthored several books for EFL. He was nominated for the 2016 British Council's ELTon Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources.


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