Property vs Shares: Is the Australian Dream Still Worth It? | Peter Thornhill, Finance Expert


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“Australians have a genetic defect – this love affair with property”

Today’s episode is an extra special one as we’ve invited the principal of Motivated Money, Peter Thornhill, to give you a heads up: he’s not a huge fan of property.

…But what we do have in common are values around investments – that the ups and downs of the market can be linked to human behavior, there is no such thing as a market “crash”, and long-term investing is the surest way to tap the market’s riches.

Tune in as we talk about his insights on the difference between investing in real estate versus shares, the volatility of the market, renting your lifestyle, and more!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The problem with Australians’ love affair with property [02:41]
  2. How offshoring affects Australian economy [05:14]
  3. On Australia’s Super system [10:20]
  4. Do you need property as an investor? [14:13]
  5. Issues with the new generation’s mindset around property and finances [18:00]
  6. Addressing the share market volatility [26:10]
  7. Cash accumulation between property and shares [30:48]
  8. Media headlines and rising interest rates [33:30]
  9. Financial advice for young families [36:41]
  10. How to get started with investing in the share market [41:40]
  11. Using dividends to pay off your mortgage [45:09]
  12. Stocks vs ETFs [49:19]
  13. Letting cashflow roll from investment companies [52:29]
  14. Picking the right companies to invest in [55:07]
  15. Chasing yields is a trap [55:46]
  16. Rent your lifestyle [01:00:05]

About our Guest:

Motivated Money gives people the knowledge to make informed investment decisions. Its principal, Peter Thornhill has delivered 1000's of presentations over the years to all types of investors.

Peter helps people achieve an exciting dream in a very boring way. In his words “I prefer the safety and security of the sharemarket to risky assets like term deposits.” Does that sound strange? For many it will, and that’s why Peter’s boring solution has captivated audiences around Australia.

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