The Future of Real Estate in a Post-Covid World | Simon Kuestenmacher, The Demographics Group


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We are currently in a phase of living with COVID, and while it’s too early to call it a ‘post-COVID’ era, what could that period look like?’

And how will the property market adjust?

Simon Kuestenmacher, the Director of Research at the Demographics Group is returning to the show. He shares his insights on the current state of affairs in Australia with borders opening and migration slowly returning to full swing.

We also talk about the status of the labour force, shifting family formations, the recent elections, and a heap of other topics!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Overview of what’s happening in Australia [01:49]
  2. Can we still hope for supply chain issues to get resolved? [06:03]
  3. Australia’s reputation after the lockdowns [07:46]
  4. Selling Australia’s image and attracting global talent [12:06]
  5. The shift in settlement patterns after COVID [14:17]
  6. Solving demographic and climate change issues [19:29]
  7. Can the senior population be convinced to downsize? [25:25]
  8. Millennials settling in areas outside the business district [30:45]
  9. The future of work flexibility [35:57]
  10. Office vs remote work [37:31]
  11. Is a ‘Great Resignation’ really happening? [41:09]
  12. Building a healthy work environment [46:30]
  13. Simon’s thoughts on the 2022 election [51:25]
  14. On voter personalities and existential crises [55:18]
  15. Putting the Labor Party under a microscope [01:00:00]

About our Guest:

Simon Kuestenmacher is the Director of Research at the Demographics Group. He has amassed 140,000 followers globally in just two years. They enjoy his insights and his quirky observational style. He is a columnist for The Australian on demographic trends and urban development.

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