HRV Biofeedback: Conquer Stress and Achieve Success with Dr. Leah Lagos


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Peak performance expert Dr. Leah Lagos believes stress isn't in your head, it's in your body. Join us as Dr. Lagos and Jason discuss biofeedback, breathing techniques, and the science behind the 10-week program outlined in the Elite HRV app and her new book, HEART BREATH MIND. HEART BREATH MIND: Train Your Heart to Conquer Stress and Achieve Success (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is available August 11, 2020 in both hardcover and e-book formats. **About Leah Lagos, Psy.D.** Dr. Lagos is an internationally renowned health and performance psychologist specializing in heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback. With nearly 15 years’ experience integrating the mind and body to reduce anxiety and boost resilience, Dr. Lagos is a recognized leader in peak performance training. In addition to consulting at the annual NFL scouting combine and providing onsite support on multiple PGA tours, she works with elite performers in sports, entertainment, medicine and business—from CEOs and hedge fund managers to Olympians, surgeons, and ballerinas. Above all, Dr. Lagos is a concerned, compassionate, and caring psychologist who combines biofeedback and psychological strategies to help clients achieve optimal performance in health and life. She lives and practices in New York City. **Show Notes** 00:41 - Meet Leah Lagos 03:15 - Leah’s book “HEART BREATH MIND” and controlling emotions under pressure 11:02 - The importance of Biofeedback 15:17 - HRV and post concussion syndrome 17:50 - Fundamental principles of HRV and Biofeedback 21:00 - Systematic breathing 25:36 - What are some of the primary systems of the body that we're activating or deactivating during this type of practice? 33:00 - What does 20 minutes of breathing practice look like? 39:30 - HRV for high blood pressure and migraines 41:00 - Leah’s 10-week program on the Elite HRV App 43:34 - Final Thoughts **Links:** - [About Leah]( - [Heart Breath Mind Program in the Elite HRV app]( - [Preorder]( HEART BREATH MIND on Amazon Host: Jason Moore The CorSense HRV finger monitor: Leave a quick review for the podcast:

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