Practicing Self-Regulation and Developing Neural Efficiency w/ Dr. Richard Hart


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Join us as Dr. Richard Hart discusses his experiences with burnout and stress in the healthcare industry, and shares his insights on developing self-regulation techniques to manage that stress. Dr. Hart has spent a lifetime in performance from national champion in freestyle wrestling and representing Canada internationally to becoming an Oncologic Surgeon. Following General Surgical Residency and fellowship training in Hepatic Transplantation and Hepatobiliary/Pancreatic Surgical Oncology he was recruited to St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto to develop and build this specialized surgical program. Within nine years the service was awarded the HPB “Centre of Excellence” by Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) having become the third busiest program in the province with the lowest Operative Morbidity and Mortality rates, all as a single surgeon. TOPICS: - 0:1:10 - Intro to episode + Richard - 0:5:43 - Dr. Richard Hart shares his experiences with burnout, mental health, and performance in the healthcare industry - 0:22:57 - Why is this burnout so severe during a pandemic? - 0:28:50 - Elite HRV users’ reactions to the pandemic - 0:32:53 - Managing stress and the change in prescription drug behavior - 0:37:40 - coping with short term and long term stress - 0:43:30 - self regulation and adaptability: developing neural efficiency and resilience - 0:44:25 - breathing techniques for managing stress - 1:01:43 - finding the self regulation method that works for you - 1:03:40 - Conclusion Guest: Dr. Richard Hart Host: Jason Moore The CorSense HRV finger monitor: Leave a quick review for the podcast: (Thanks in advance!)

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