Train Yourself to Use Oxygen More Effectively with Dr. Jay Wiles


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In This Episode: The way you perform under stress is closely connected to the breath. Dysregulated breathing limits your ability to perform mentally, physically, and emotionally. However, by training your body to use oxygen more effectively you will optimize performance while growing resilient to stress. In this episode, we're diving into the biochemistry of breathing with Dr. Jay Wiles, a clinical health psychologist, and board-certified biofeedback practitioner. You'll learn how to use oxygen more effectively by creating a state of "air hunger," why this practice improves self-regulation, and just for fun, the most surprising biohack he's discovered in the last year to reduce stress and boost HRV. Episode Guest: Dr. Jay T. Wiles, BCB, BCB-HRV Dr. Wiles is a clinical health psychologist who is board-certified in biofeedback, HRV biofeedback, and Tai Chi for rehabilitation. He has a passion for helping others reach their full potential from an integrative and holistic perspective and has worked closely with elite athletes and executives on enhancing peak performance through training and regulating psychophysiology. He is the cohost of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast and host of Mindhacker’s Radio w/ Dr. Jay Wiles. His experience in integrative techniques differs from other psychologists, as he focuses on how we can utilize sunlight, water, exercise, and food to mitigate the damaging effects of stress, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Wiles owns Thrive Wellness and Performance in Greenville, SC, and loves spending time outdoors with his wife and two boys. Website(s): IG: @drjaywiles Show Notes: 00:45 - Intro to Dr. Jay 03:55 - What have been some of the most effective interventions for improving HRV? 07:55 - Unpacking the biochemistry of breathing and Patrick McKeown's "the Oxygen Advantage" 11:00 - Optimize your nervous system by creating a state of "Air Hunger": becoming less sensitive to the effects of CO2 through lite breathing 15:20 - How quickly should people expect to feel progress after they start practicing lite breathing? 22:05 - Who do you recommend this practice for? 25:25 - How does this protocol fit in with HRV biofeedback? 36:30 - Basics before Biohacking 39:20 - What are some other interventions you use? Basics and/or Biohacks 50:25 - Where to find Jay and what he's doing Full transcript at]0[

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