3.1 Book Marketing Success: Your Why, Metrics, and Goals


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Don’t let yourself or others stand in the way of writing a book if it’s something you want and need to do. Make it happen, but be sure to tackle it with open eyes. This season of The emPowered Author Podcast is diving into questions many people have before they begin their book writing and publishing journey. In this episode, I touch on understanding the purpose of writing a book and how to measure success. Writing a book can change lives. I’ve seen it happen for others. And I’m proof of it too, as it happened for me.

If writing a book is something you've dreamed of doing, having started working on, or are looking to complete, The emPowered Writer may be a great program for you to consider. The emPowered Writer is a signature program at the emPower PR Group that provides aspiring authors with the tools they need to bring their messages from their minds to the masses, and do it in a way that will ensure that their books are ones readers want, need and will buy! Learn more about The emPowered Writer and schedule a time to chat with Stephanie to see if it's a good fit for you.
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