True Crime Revolution: Sarah Turney Part 2


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We continue our fascinating discussion on ethics in true crime with Sarah Turney, on topics ranging from leaks in the Delphi case, parasocial relationships in true crime, web sleuthing, family-member creator content, and the future she envisions for true-crime media.

Sarah Turney is the sister of Alissa Turney, an advocate, creator--host of Voices for Justice and Disappearances--and one of the fiercest voices pushing for radical change in true-crime media.

Sarah knows what needs to shift--she saw the worst of true-crime “entertainment” and media attention, and the lack of it, when her sister disappeared in 2001, and has experienced every possible situation family members and survivors face since then: insensitive headlines; misreported information; harassment; stories told thoughtlessly, or without consent, and more.

Sarah is on a mission, not just to team up with others who create what we’ve come to call ethical true crime, but to transform the entire industry for the good of the victims, families, and survivors whose stories it is built upon. In this two-part discussion, we cover some of the most current ethical issues in true crime today.

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