Ep#65 The Social Dilemma, Corpo-Humans, Buying Nothing & Localised Colonialism


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This week we bring you a panel with Anthea Snowsill who is currently doing her research with the Intha people of Myanmar. In this panel We’d also introduce our newest Familiar Stranger, Carolyn West. Welcome to the team Carolyn! Carolyn [1:25] kicks us off by discussing the recent documentary The Social Dilemma. She asks us to consider if social media and the global nature of the internet has created more separation and polarisation. What do you think? Has the internet changed how you debate or discuss certain issues? Next Alex [5:46], discusses the personhood of corporations. Often called Corporate personhood, Alex asks us to consider how we interact with these “entities” as individuals and as a collective. What do you think? Does the idea of a corporate personhood feel strange to you? Then Anthea [12:10], introduces the panel to the Buy Nothing Movement. She discusses the different social norms surrounding selling and gifting material possessions such as blenders or even used mattresses. Have you heard of the Buy Nothing Movement before? Would you sleep on a used mattress??? Finally, Simon [16:37] discusses how the effects and presence of colonialism are different depending on one’s location. He asks the panel how Australian colonialism is seen around the world and reflects on how “racism is complicated”. What do you think? Do you think colonialism and its prevalence varies from place to place? Head over to our website for a full list of links and citations!

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