Fantasy Football Rankings, NFL Playoffs Edition


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1:55 General Structure for Playoff Fantasy Leagues
2:35 Playoff Picks
3:54 Straight Rankings vs. Tiers
6:09 Talent vs. Games Played
8:37 Playoff League Roster Construction
11:25 Different Fantasy Playoff League Formats
14:31 Any Teams to Fade Outright?
17:23 Lamar vs. Brees
19:46 The Best of the One-Game Quarterbacks
22:15 Stay in Your Lane
23:26 Breaking Down the Backs Not Named Alvin Kamara or Mark Ingram
27:16 Ceiling for Elite Backs on Underdog Teams
28:51 Valuing the Non-Michael Thomas Receivers
30:43 Stacking Wide Receiver Teammates?
33:09 How Do You Account for the Possibility of Being Wrong?
34:12 Jared Cook the Top Tight End!
36:42 Tight End vs. Wide Receiver Teammates
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