May 2020 Update


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Hi wanderers, it’s Eli, creator of The Far Meridian and voice of Peri. In the effort to keep our production team healthy and safe in the face of COVID-19, Season Three has been delayed. That said, we’ll be dropping the first of three minisodes on Monday, May 11th to bridge the gap to our final season. We’ll also be releasing some short prose set before the events of the show on our Patreon, accessible to both patrons and non-patrons alike.

We’ve paused the Patreon for now but if you’re in a spot to donate, please consider donating to funds helping those affected by COVID-19, especially essential workers and those who may have lost their job.

And finally, thank you for being a part of the Far Meridian community. Thank you for caring for each other and allowing yourselves grace. We may not know what our futures hold, but we’ll find our way, together.

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