Ep. 683 - Prey


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David, Jeff, and Devindra discuss the miracle of Bluey, the incisiveness of Not Okay, and the brilliance of Dan Trachtenberg's Prey.
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Weekly Plugs
David - Decoding TV: A new website for premium TV podcast content
Devindra - Engadget Podcast on Samsung’s new folding phones
Jeff - cameo.com/jeffcannata
Shownotes (All timestamps are approximate only) What we've been watching (~38:35)
David - Not Okay, The Batman: Silent Knight, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,
Devindra - Carter (Also Bluey S3 and The Resort)
Jeff - Bluey season 3, The Resort through episode 5, Paper Girls, Glorious
Featured Review (1:01:50)
SPOILERS (1:21:45)
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