Episode 10: A Special Guest Joins us for our 10th Episode! PSA grading update, Tips on Breaking, Vladdy PSA 10 Draw


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Welcome to the 10th Episode!
We welcome Tyson Banker to the show to help celebrate episode number 10.
Tyson has a lot of experience with Breaking all of the Bowman products, so we hit him up for tips and tricks and get his insight on all the normal business we cover on the show, including a check in with PSAs new grading standards (spoiler alert: they have changed A LOT).
Where to Find Tyson's work:
Behind the Numbers Podcast
Behind the Numbers on Twitter
Breaker Culture (Rookie Report)
Bench Clear Media (2021 Chrome Review)
Thanks to Hanna Kent for her invaluable contributions to the podcast.
If you'd like to see more of her work, she can be found at: hannakentvo.com
Connect with me on twitter @FlagshipPodcast or by email: rob@flagshipbaseball.com
The Website is Live: flagshipbaseball.com

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