Episode 11: Hand Signed Autos, Is it Luis Robert time?, Hail Mary Prospects, Comping Players, Non-Flagship sets, and a new contest!


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On Episode 11, we shred the mailbag and tackle some tough questions:
2:50 Do Hand Signed Autos Add Value?

4:52 When Does A Prospect Become Less Risky?

13:41 Are Minor League Cards Worth Collecting?

16:18 What to do with Junk Wax Era Cards?

31:20 What's the Outlook for Non-Flagship Sets and Non-Rookie Cards?

33:03 How to Comp. Cards to Predict Future Value

36:25 Is it Luis Robert Time?

42:50 Flagship Five: Hail Mary Prospects

46:50 Contest Announcement!
Thanks to Hanna Kent for her invaluable contributions to the podcast.
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