Episode 9: How to spend $1000 on baseball cards. Top five cards in 2021 Bowman Chrome. Sell a sealed box for maximum value. How the stars of 2021 Bowman Baseball are doing.


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***There is an error in this episode: Wander Franco's rookie cards will be in 2022 Topps S1 and Chrome, NOT 2021 Update and Update as mentioned in the episode*** Apologies
Welcome to the 9th episode of the Flagship Baseball Card Podcast.!
00:03:27 Housekeeping

00:04:43 How to spend your 1st $1000 on baseball cards

00:13:54 Market Movement and Hobby News

00:16:45 The best way to get maximum value for a sealed box

00:24:07 Flagship Monitor

00:38:51 A look at how the stars of 2021 Bowman Baseball are faring

00:47:20 Flagship 5: 2021 Bowman Chrome 5 to chase

Contest announcement:
Please send your questions via twitter, email, or an Apple 5 star review. If your question is read on air, you'll be entered into a draw for a 2019 Topps Update Vladimir Guerrero Jr. US1 PSA 10 Slab!
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