The Football Coaching Life: John Kosmina


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John Kosmina, ‘Kossie’ as he is affectionately known by Australian Football Fans, was a wonderful Socceroo striker with great skill and he was also extremely tough and no nonsense.

John played 100 games for the Socceroos over a 12-year period, scoring 42 goals. He played 287 NSL games for West Adelaide, Adelaide City, Sydney City, Sydney Olympic and Apia where he scored 133 goals. He also spent a year with Arsenal in London.

Kossie coached in the National Soccer League with Newcastle Breakers, Brisbane City and Adelaide United. He continued with Adelaide into the Hyundai A-League where he also spent time coaching at Sydney FC. He won a Hyundai A-League Premiership in 2005-2006 and was a runner-up to Melbourne Victory in 2006-2007.

John is a member of the Football Australia Hall of Fame, he worked with Graham Arnold as his assistant coach in the 2007 Asian Cup and is well known for his work as a Fox sports commentator.

John now works as the Brisbane Strikers Senior Academy Head Coach, with a strong focus on development.

In this episode John frankly shares his coaching journey and experiences and as always, he is ruthlessly honest.

Enjoy this journey into John Kosmina’s Football Coaching Life.

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