The Football Coaching Life: Tom Sermanni


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In this episode, former Socceroo Gary Cole speaks with Tom Sermanni.

Sermanni's success speaks for itself. He has been to five FIFA Women’s World Cups: three with the Matildas (1995, 2007 and 2011), one with Canada as an assistant coach (2015) and the fifth with New Zealand in France (2019). He has won the Algarve Cup (2013) with the USA, the Asian Cup with the Matildas (2010), he was also named AFC Coach of the Year (2007). He now has his sights set on taking New Zealand’s Football Ferns to the delayed 2020 Olympic Games.

Tom has a Pro Licence and a Diploma in Education. He has coached at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), in the now defunct Australian National Soccer League, and in the J-League with Sanfrecce.

Along this incredible journey, Tom has coached players of all ages and genders, and it would be fair to say they have all left his tutelage a little wiser than when they started.

He is a warm, kind, and compassionate coach which comes out in this candid conversation with Gary.

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