#360 - Why Won’t My Partner Commit, They left Me for Their Ex, We Haven’t Had Sex in Months


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This podcast answers listeners’ questions: 1. Why doesn’t my partner know what they want anymore? 2. He left me and came back. What do I do? 3. My Ex says she misses me. Is this a trap? 4. We haven’t had sex since July and they sit on their phone. Listen for dating and relationship advice. To ask a question and get a personalized video back: https://www.wisio.com/The_GameEXPOSED. Read my books free with amazon kindle free trial: “Regain Your Power” on Amazon 👉🏼tinyurl.com/regainyourpower Read “He’s Not Into You-He’s Wasting Your Time” 👉🏼 tinyurl.com/signs707. Business or advertising inquiries Email: askyaz909@gmail.com Follow: Instagram.com/dating_advice_yaz TikTok:@thegameexposed. Shop Merch: https://tinyurl.com/Thegameexposedmerch --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yaz707/support

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