Episode 199 - What All Our Favorite Guests Have Been Geekin' Out on (aka Myke's Send Off)


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Yeesh, if you think the episode title was a mouthful, wait until you hear the episode! But in a good way! In Myke's penultimate episode we wanted to catch up with all our favorite guests who haven't been on in awhile and see what they've been watching, reading, and playing in general! It's a round robin conference call with people who've been with us from almost the very beginning to our newest and most favoritest humans. First we talk with our Texans Ryan and Robert, then our south of LA peeps from other podcasts: Albert, Jiaming, and Ana, and finally with some of our most frequent guests and good friends Dana, Sherice, and Greg!

If for some reason you want to skip to different people, here's some time stamps!

Ryan and Robert @ 00:09:07

Jiaming, Albert, Ana @ 00:57:40

Greg, Sherice, Dana @ 1:31:30

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