Digital Learning By Design: K-12 Robotics Topics For April 2018


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Topic: K-12 Robotics Topics For April 2018 Daniel: First Robotics Pilot Program for K-1 and 2-5 (WeDO 2.0) First is offering a grant to school districts for piloting a K-1 curriculum using Lego/Duplo In North Reading, we are looking at streamlining the FIRST program Grades 2-5 curriculum with a trimester of our curriculum(12 weeks) Lego We Do Intro FIRST Aligns “Common Core & National Science Standards” Contact Vinnie Rodino Kathy D: Coderz and Carnegie Mellon Video Trainer Carnegie Mellon Video Trainer is a useful tool if you’re a beginning robotics teacher. Available for Lego EV3 and Vex robots ($499), it provides videos, lesson plans, rubrics, questions and a teacher guide. Coderz is a cloud-based alternative to physical robots if your district K-doesn’t have the money for robot kits. It allows you to have a trial, but does have a cost associated with it, but gives you a complete curriculum with lessons, tutorials and quizzes. Chris Salisbury

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