The war, the invasion, the karma. What is the end result for Russian and Ukraine


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It's been quite a week in Ukraine as the Russian army continues to invade the country, surround cities, bomb hospitals, schools, and civilians in their homes. The people are fighting back The world is retaliating with economic sanctions and hoping bad things will happen to Pres. Putin in Russia may not be the answer. Everyone seems to be getting angry. What is the spiritual correct thing to do, if there is one, to stop this shadow of darkness falling over Europe and the world? Is getting angry, hating and wishing for the Russian president's assassination going to stop this war. Is surrender in Ukraine a faster better way to save the innocent and stop the killing of elderly people, the handicapped, the infirm, the bedridden, the mentally and physically challenged, the children and mothers, the grandparents, the babies? You tell me…. what do you believe is a solution to this evil. Let’s look ahead on tonight show. Our prayers are with the innocent. Global Village radio show with host Dr Douglas James Cottrell PhD is broadcasted World Wide every Friday evening 9 pm to 12:00am EST time. Join in the conversation with your questions comments and opinions as we continue to search to understand the Noetic Sciences and explore the unknown limits of human consciousness. The Global Village Hot Line number from anywhere in North America. 718- 766- 4421

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