Episode 8 - REBOOT of Podcast; Introduction of NEW Podcast Team!!!


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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Habbo White House podcast!

Gosh, it's been a while hasn't it?

The Podcast Team is ran by Office of Communications where the Deputy Director, Laurenf0 will be releasing podcast episodes along with her team featuring:

  • Star-Catcher (Steph) - Deputy Director of Public Engagement [Cabinet]
  • Joew816 (Joe) - SS Trainer [Secret Service]
  • Someone-dodo (Ruben) - Attorney General [Judicial]

...psst! We're still looking for more people to participate in our podcasts!

Please talk to Office of Communications or EOP if you would like to be on the Podcast Team!

REQUIRED: You must have a clear mic and be able to talk with others!

There is always room for more (:

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