Lana Weal highlights the mental health challenges faced by founders


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Lana Weal is the founder of Market Mindfully, a marketing consultancy company that aims to support impact-driven startups in Australia and New Zealand to tell their stories, make more impact and connect with partners for mutual benefit. Lana first entered the startup world when she joined the accelerator BlueChilli as Marketing Manager in 2018, a role in which she learned a great deal about the Australian startup ecosystem.

In 2021, Lana joined the Atto Accelerator to support the next generation of female founders. is a startup school that supports female founders to launch tech companies independently, scalable, and sustainably.

In her conversation with Adam, Lana discusses the potential for burnout and mental health challenges working in the fast-paced startup world, as well as the importance of support networks when embarking on a founder's journey.

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