“Where is my car chocolate?”: This Is My House, Too Close, Mare of Easttown, Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Promising Young Woman (2021)


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This week, we discuss the joys of hiding snacks from your life-partner and lament the loss of 3D sports (who doesn’t want to see Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor the way James Cameron would want you to…). We also find the time to discuss our new favourite reality show This Is My House (02:00). Elaine explains why ITV Drama Too Close (07:00) took a couple of goes. And Mark gets a distinct feeling of deja-vu with Mare of Easttown (12:00). We go through what went wrong and what went right with Godzilla vs. Kong (19:29) and finish up with an in-depth discussion around Promising Young Woman (30:06) including a spoiler section (don’t worry, it’s clearly marked before we go there!).

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