Episode 140 – Sons of Heresy; A knife in the Dark


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Episode 140 – Sons of Heresy; A knife in the Dark

Andy emerges from the shadows to help impart his expertise on the Raven Guard in our Sons of Heresy series. It's been a while but as usual we dive into the background of the legion via the Black Books but also touch on their coverage by BL before discussing the rules and game styles.

00:00:00 – 00:05:16 – Intro00:05:16 – 00:57:59 – Raven Guard Background Part 100:57:59 – 01:42:20 – Raven Guard Background Part 2 01:42:20 – 03:03:14 – Raven Guard on the table 03:03:14 – 03:05:31 – Closing the Show

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