How to move from control to cooperation with your Service Providers


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Creating cooperation with your Service Providers creates greater alignment to IT goals and greater motivation to delivering and meeting service needs.

Traditionally, SLAs and the way they are formulated, are set up to control Service Providers and to imply sanctions when the target has not been met.

Not only this, but SLAs create a watermelon effect within your organisation, with Service Providers rushing through tickets in order to meet the set SLAs, instead of delivering a high-quality service. This can be highly demotivating for Service Providers, as well as frustrating for your end-users.

In this episode, Pasi and Sami tell you how you can move from controlling your Service Providers to sound cooperation with them.

Align your IT team and Partners behind the same goal, with a little help from Experience Management. Start your Human Centric IT journey today, and boost your end-users productivity.


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